Build Your Best Most Beautiful Self

30 Days At A Time...

The Problem

Black women often lose out on opportunities because we are not able to soften and embrace the feminine energy we naturally have. 

Black women often get a bad rap for being "hard" or "difficult" and it's just NOT true. I know there's a softness to you, but when so much has happened, it's hard to find it. 

I know you're just struggling to pay bills, get the job done, and keep your kids on the right path, and that you are often REALLY FAR down your list. Because of that, "Mr. Right" is someone you pray over and trust God to send you. 

But girl, you have to meet God half way.

The Situation

I already run a 12-month program that helps women develop skills to feel confident on their journey so they can attract a man and progress the relationship. 

Clients have gotten awesome results. However, joining that program is a high level investment. For many women, that level of commitment, of both time and money, is just not doable. 

In the past, I've been in that position myself- wanting to grow, but not having the funds to invest in myself. It's a discouraging place to be in. 

So I've been asking, "what could I offer my community that super affordable- while still providing big results?"

The Solution

The Sacred Beauty Circle is a 30-day training program for Black Christian women who want to deepen self-confidence,  see themselves as beautiful both inside and out, and as a result, be more likely to attract a man who will cherish and honor you. 

Bottom Line

You'll walk in confidence and have a je ne sais quoi that is unmatched. 

This is ESSENTIAL so you can exude the inner and outer beauty with which God has given you. This helps you be the vibe, attract men, and feel treasured.

Here's Why You Need This

Feel Better and Look Better
Restore the Confidence You  Had When You Were Younger
Feel Less Lonely
Be Noticed Anytime You Go Into a Room
Make Decisions With Confidence
Walk Away with Tools for Change

This Program Contains

Four (4) Self-Study Lessons

Weekly Live Group Calls with Monique

Private Facebook Group


Accountability and Connection


Here's What We'll Do Together

Week #1 Tap Into the Feminine Art of Influence

Explore the basics of sacred beauty training and why every woman needs it 
Practice the #1 secret to become more beautiful
Discover what Scripture has to say about inner and outer beauty
Walk away with introductory tools to be both irreplaceable and irresistible

Week #2 Build Your Foundation: Inner Beauty 

Use your mind to master femininity
Decide to opt-in to life and love
Create your emotional fuel to maintain the right energy
Boost your confidence with some simple practices

Week #3 Identify Your Sacred Beauty Marks: Outer Beauty

Discover what God wants you to know about His royal artistry sketched in you
Decode the gifts of God to reveal your true beauty
Use the power of style and color to enhance your visibility
Amplify what makes you most attractive so you can update yourself

Week #4 Discover Your Influence Style™ and Where You Go From Here

Identify which Influence Style you use to get what you want
Use the Influence Style to decide who you want to live each day to the fullest and attract the right kind of man


The Sacred Beauty Circle helped me focus on what it is that I want, what my standards are, and helped me restore the hope in my own self-worth. I've gained the faith and belief that I'm in the right direction.


Sacred Beauty Circle has really helped me start on the path to feeling confident about being seen, when my tendency has been to hide. I can take what I've learned and use it in my single phase, dating phase, or partner phase, knowing that regardless of the phase, I can harness my feminine power and use it in the way I was called to.


I went from being in react mode to being in relaxed mode. I've unlocked my ability to let go, to be present, and to focus on me. When I think I'm going to falter, the training kicks in and supports me to be a better version of myself. 


Let's Talk Outcomes

When you participate in the Sacred Beauty Circle, you'll walk away with...

Tools to discover and use your beauty to live a more joyful and happy life 
A better understanding of how God made you and how deeply He loves you
Beauty practices that will allow you to radiate confidence in all relationships and settings
Confidence to attract a man who will love and cherish you for who you are and how God has made you

Sacred Beauty Circle starts Tuesday, July 27th, at 7:00pm EST. 

Take Action on This Introductory Offer

$222 Early Bird (until July 26th)

**$397 Regular Price**

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the weekly virtual sessions with Monique?

The virtual weekly sessions are Tuesdays, at 7:00pm EST, starting July 27, 2021 and ending August 17, 2021. We meet using Zoom.

How long are the weekly calls? 

You should reserve about 90 minutes in your calendar. That seems to be the sweet spot, but they could be less.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

That's fine. The curriculum is pre-recorded, self-study for you to access when it's convenient for you. The live sessions will also be recorded and available for you to access at your leisure. 

I'm not on Facebook, will I miss out?

The private Facebook is where the additional connections and magic happens. You won't miss out on program content, but it's a great way to connect and engage after the live sessions.

I'm interested, but I live in (insert different time zone here). 

Past participants have joined in from Sri Lanka, Egypt, England, and South Korea. So time zone is no excuse in the digital age. The question for you to consider is: what's your bigger commitment? Are you committed to what's convenient, or are you committed to your vision?

When will the program reopen?  

This is the last time this program will run LIVE for the foreseeable future. If you are interested and want to participate live, then this is your chance!


In the Sacred Beauty Circle, I want to work with women who are:

  • Who are committed to their dreams.
  • Who are excited about who they must become to create their dreams.

Since this is a LIVE program, it's not for the woman wants to "test" it out or who's not ready to commit.

Because of this, once you enroll, no refunds or credits will be given.

Sacred Beauty Circle starts Tuesday, July 27th, at 7:00pm EST. 

Take Action on This Introductory Offer

$222 Early Bird (until July 26th)

**$397 Regular Price**

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