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The Feminine Influence™ workshop to boost the confident, charming, charismatic woman you are deep down, and so you can attract the right man and build more meaningful relationships. 

(Become the woman the Right Man Dreams of in 10 minutes)

Hey Love, 

I want to personally invite you to this Feminine Influence™ Workshop.

With everything going on in the world...

The fear of catching Covid-19, the desire for everyone to alienate themselves, the emanating threat of being laid off, and the personal stress of bad relationships that’s built up over the past few years, it’s easy for a woman to focus on the problems of the world… and lose her Feminine Influence™. 

The problem is…

Many Women in the 21st Century Have Already Lost Their Feminine Influence™

Resulting in climbing divorce rates, adultery, selfishness, panic, single parent homes, and worst of all… a rise in loneliness. 

I can’t solve all these problems.

But I can help women turn off the panic button, focus on themselves, and show them the easy process of becoming the woman a high-quality man desires.

I can give them the tools they need to…

Bring back lost confidence.
Feel good inside so they can attract Mr. Right.
Show them how being attuned with their Feminine Influencecan build a healthier household other families can look up to
Discover how femininity works to conquer life and business
And last but not least, show them how to get their FUN back!

If you feel like you’ve lost hope.... if your past experiences and the weight of the world blocks you from attracting the Right Man to love you...

Then keep reading. This workshop is where it finally turns around!

THERE are sacred routines and techniques to unleash Feminine Power and attract Meaningful Love.

There are past clients who have been...

Chewed up, spit out, cheated on, abused, divorced, molested, and have had their hearts ripped out from their chest...


Through this workshop, they were able to let go of their past, and BUILD healthy and loving relationships with someone worth building

Even though you've tried different dating websites, changed your look completely, and still been devastated by a relationship that didn't work out...

You can find a man who LOVES YOU unconditionally

And be invited to rule his warm kingdom.

In my live recording of this workshop...

I Unveil What a Man is Truly Attracted To...

and it's not what you think. 

 BIG LIE #1- High-Quality Men ONLY Want HOT Women

Men want something more than just looks. If he dates a girl based on looks, what's keeping him from cheating? There will always be someone hotter. A high quality man doesn't keep a woman based on looks. Mastering Feminine Influence™ will show you how to attract a man and keep him without relying on looks.

BIG LIE #2-  High- Quality Men Want a Woman Who Can Cook and Clean for Them

You don’t need to rely on the total servitude of the man. Men aren’t looking for a slave. Don’t act like cooking and cleaning will help keep you. He can hire a maid for that or do it himself. Discover your Feminine Influence™ and position yourself higher in his heart.

BIG LIE #3- High-Quality Men Only Want Sex

One of the biggest lies the feminist community wants to tell us is “Men are pigs and just want sex”. 

No. The truth is…

If you haven’t MASTERED your Feminine Influence™, then chances are you rely on sex as a factor to keep a man. If this is you, there are other ways… Just keep reading!

BIG LIE #4- High-Quality Men LOVE Younger Women

Men don’t want another woman they have to raise. They want a partner, not someone who sees them as ‘daddy’. Become an influential women in their lives and have a much larger impact on them than any other women!

Men want something more… It’s subconscious. And I reveal that in the next section..

I want to let you in on a little secret…

Humans like to associate other people with the emotions that they give them.

All of the external stuff.. Like sex, being HOT,  cooking and cleaning... Will only get you SO FAR...

There are tons of women who mastered the art of cooking and cleaning and still wonder why they are still single.

Instead, once you master your Feminine Influence™, you will see that you never needed to cook and clean at all.

You’ll learn what a man truly desires… and be able to create a healthier relationship that's NOT based off of external forces.

You won’t be desired for JUST SEX.

You won’t be yearned for your meals you cook.

You will be loved for who you are.

PAUSE! Now, I know what you might be thinking.

WILL Mastering My Feminine Influence™ REALLY Get Me A Healthy Relationship With The Man Of My Dreams?

Unfortunately, I cannot promise you that. 

Although, I have helped 100’s of women Find Mr. Right.

I’ve helped thousands of women discover new positive views that helped them out of a dark slump.

I’ve taken many women out of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP and I’ve helped fix many other relationships.

I cannot promise that you’ll find the exact man of your dreams.


I can promise to deliver the same attention and care that's helped my clients nurture a happy marriage.

I will show you the techniques to becoming a woman of potential, a woman you can look in the mirror and be proud of.

I guarantee that the minute you notice how to empower your femininity… you will attract positive and loving energy in your life.

You’ll see How To Use Your Feminine Influence™ To Change the Status of Your Life so you can exert STRONG inner confidence


I do know...

That once you’re finished with this program…

You will know yourself more than you ever have before.

You’ll know EXACTLY what you want and who you want so you don’t have to choose low quality men.

You’ll never settle for less than you deserve.

The Biblical Story of Feminine Influence™... How Feminine Influence™ Saved the Jewish Community from Genocide

One of the main reasons I created this workshop and Feminine Influence™ Finishing School is because of the Biblical Story of Esther. When I first learned about how Esther used her Feminine Influence™ to convince a powerful Persian king to save her people, I knew that women were more powerful than we believe, AND the Bible can prove it! 

I have committed my life's work to learning this type of influence, so women who have been down on their luck can change their life. 

If you don’t know the Biblical story of Esther I recommend taking less than 9 minutes to watch this video (It may save a life or two).

“I so wish my mom taught me this growing up. Luckily I’m still in my 20s and can still get this teaching."

"hank you Queen, your videos help a lot. I just met a great guy the day before my birthday. We've known each other for 2 and a half months so far ,currently taking things slow and learning from each other. He's almost like the guy version of me and I'm working to hold on to him...he does make me better and I him. Hopefully my search is over and him and I can develop a lovely future together

He treats me so amazingly I never thought I could meet a guy like him."

"Thank you for providing information for us women that doesn't have to do with tricking men and taking advantage of them. You are teaching women to embrace our femininity and be able to authentically be able to receive from a man. Men feel so good when they give to their beloved. Thank you again. God bless you.”

“Will Unlocking My Feminine Influence™ Be Hard?”

Alone, yes. 

The good news is...

I broke down 9 years of my research into 4 Easy Stepping Stones so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours surfing the web or reading countless books on femininity. You don’t have to go through excruciating trial and error trying to become your best self.  It’s all in this workshop.

I will GIVE you the exact formula to unlock your Feminine Influence™ and the more you embody yourself in it, the easier you will transform into your higher self.

This is the step-by-step formula...

The 4 Foundational Blocks of Feminine Influence™

Yes, there are only 4 classes to unleash you inner Feminine Influence™.

Class #1: Right Away, You're Going to Discover the Feminine Art of Influence

Tap into the art of influence. Just like Esther, you'll learn how to use your sacred beauty like a wand you can magically wave to get anything you want!

8 basic steps of unlocking your Sacred Beauty so you can easily influence men
How to be alluring without losing your status as a woman of faith!
My *Personal Tool* to be the most confident in any room you step in!
Miss this critical step and you can kiss your man goodbye...

Class #2: Successful Behaviors That Will Increase Your Status! 

Copy these easy behaviors and exert confidence and high status, like Esther did. Use your mind to master femininity so you can build unbreakable confidence. Plug yourself into the success mindset!

How a women’s mindset today is losing their man and how to use the "Femininity Mindset" to get you a man who wants to keep you
Discover The Success Secrets of the Most Alluring Women Today
Unlock your "hidden" emotional fuel and have attractive energy all day long

Class #3: Identify Your Sacred Beauty Marks

Esther discovered her Sacred Beauty marks and amplified them. Discover your Sacred Beauty Blueprint that every woman has, and decode the gifts of God to reveal your TRUE beauty!

God created you with a secret message sketched in your body, learn how to decode this mystery and use it to create attraction
Having trouble with style? Want to find out which colors compliment you best? Want to know how to use colors to enhance your aura? In this lesson, I teach you how to use the correct color schemes to enhance your beauty. (However light or dark your skin is!)
The simple and inexpensive way to enhance what is best about you. How to take your strengths and supersize it!

Class #4: Discover Your Influence Style™

The Influence Style™ that makes women cherished, envied, and adored. Find out which is yours and which style to use to influence the world.

Identify which Influence Style you use to get what you want
Explore the exact Influence Style™ to influence men AND the influence style to influence the world

AND if these 4 classes aren't enough for you... 

You'll Get Access To...

Bonus #1: Get behind the scenes access to recorded sessions as Monique chats with other members LIVE on weekly group calls!

Bonus #2: Wake up and listen to these POWERFUL recordings to get your Feminine Influence powers flowing and feel on top of the world everyday!

Bonus #3: The Feminine Influence™ Accelerator Workbook. Boost your status, allure, and confidence FAST with this easy-to-do workbook.

Why You Need to Take Action Now...

God sends you two signals to let you know you’re about to grow...

Massive Fear and Massive Opportunities 

Whether you’re a strong believer of faith or not ... you are here for a purpose.

There's a reason you and I have crossed paths.

You are chosen for something special. You have been given an inner gift. But that gift won't come out if you're afraid to be seen, if you're afraid to make a change.

When Esther was presented with the opportunity to persuade Xerxes, she didn’t hesitate to save her people even though she could have been killed herself.

You are faced with many of these life changing opportunities throughout your life.

This is the life changing Opportunity to Be Seen.

So you can step into the next chapter of you, whether it's love, your career, or your business, but you have to feel good inside. You have to feel confident in yourself, you gotta embody the change that you want and be around women who have mastered their Feminine Influence™.

If you want more in life, business, and love then you can’t give in to massive fear. You can no longer afford to stay stagnant.

Join me to take back your confidence.

Join this workshop and discover the next steps in the right direction.

$97  Limited Time Offer

P.S. Remember, if you order right now you get my Feminine Influence™ Accelerator Workbook, The 4 Classes to Master Your Feminine Influence, and Access to my private group recordings.

More Testimonials

Thank you, Monique! I see some sisters complaining that you're all over the place and took too long to give your tips, but I love your conversationalist style of delivery. It is really like chatting with a girlfriend.

I think it's because we were thought that giving IS THE only way to show love not to receive it. So I guess this is a new Terf that I need to let in into my life.

Hello good afternoon. I'm so happy that I found your channel. I'm in my late 30's, freshly out of a divorce. You words are so resourceful and inspiring, I've missed out so much in life and so much to still learn. My problem I guess is opening up, communication. Would love to meet you one day. God bless, keep doing what you're doing.

Thank you Queen  your videos help a lot .I just met a great guy the day before my birthday  we've known each other for 2 and a half months so far ,currently taking things slow and learning each other. He's almost like the guy version of me and I'm working to hold on to him...he does make me better and I him. Hopefully my search is over and him and I can develop a lovely future together

He treats me so amazingly I never thought I could meet a guy like him

This was wonderful! Eloquently put and can resonate with women of any age. Thank you so much for your virtuous words. Your spirit shines. ‘No low quality ways of coping’ you dropped that, I caught it. 

Hello I just ran across your page a few days ago. I have been  binge watching your videos. Every one has resonated with my spirit your are a beautiful being. I am elated to have run across these lessons. Thank you.

Thank you for providing information for us women that doesn't have to do with tricking men and taking advantage of them. You are teaching women to embrace our femininity and be able to authentically be able to receive from a man. Men feel so good when they give to their beloved. Thank you again. God bless you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a LIVE class? 

No, this is a recording of a live program.

Are there refunds? 

Since is this a digital training, all sales are final. This is a recording of a live class that's available for immediate access and study for life. 

We believe success happens when you are fully committed and all in.  Since this is a recording of a LIVE class. It's not for the woman wants to "test" it out or who's not ready to commit.

Because of this, once you pay, no refunds or credits will be given.

What happens after I purchase? 

After you pay, you'll receive an email with a special link to access to the training. You'll need to create an account, and immediately after, you can listen or watch online.   

Since this is a self-study, you can review the training at your own pace. We recommend watching and reviewing your workbook as many times as it takes so that this work becomes a part of you. 

Is this a Bible Study? 

No, this is not a Bible study, nor is it a study of Esther. This training is amplified with Biblical principles that can helpful to your path whether or not you identify as a Christian.

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