there are plenty of lady fish in the sea

But Are They Quality?

CHristian women need your help

Here's your chance to FINALLY be heard, feel understood, and get some practice shots!

As a respected man and leader, we value your input in dating and relationships! Our goal is to help God-fearing men have a chance to IMPACT CHANGE. This is the genesis to bridge the gap between God-fearing men and women, and actualize new levels of understanding. We need masculine men, like YOU, to participate in our online interactive role-play training exercise.

Feminine influence™ Finishing school invites you to...

Participate in this premiere opportunity to refresh the dynamics between men and women. 

Who are we?

Feminine Influence™ Finishing School provides advanced online education to Christian women, primarily Black women, who desire to attract a man who’s husband material. 

Hmm… is that you?!

Our signature program, Attract A Man You Want, is for the woman who wants to embody her femininity to get asked out, yet doesn't know how. 

The women who enroll are usually between the ages of 28-55, marriage-minded, and have a desire to learn.

WHat's in it for you?

Practice shooting your shot in a safe, fun, and engaging environment
Get a rare opportunity to gain key insights into women
Strengthen your ability to interact with women, in various scripted scenarios
Be at the frontlines of change

So How does this work?

One Tuesday per month, typically the third Tuesday, during the months of May through August 2022, we will host a one hour video call
It's virtual. You’ll be in a moderated breakout room, via Zoom, with the chance to interact with 4-5 different women and converse according to the given hypothetical.
We will have pre-written scenarios for each round, so that each woman can practice sending the right signals to a man, and enjoy the exchange.

Don'T sweat it! 

This isn’t like any event you’ve ever participated in. For this segment of the program, the central focus is to strengthen the ability to interact with a quality prospect, through scripted scenarios. It's simply interactive learning through role-play. We value your input, and we would greatly appreciate your participation!

Qualifications to participate

Single and Available
Socially Healthy
Emotionally Healthy
Ready to Have Fun

Basically, you’ve got your life together and you’re ready to share it!

If you’ve been wanting to strengthen your skills, interact with real-life quality women, and help women develop REAL expectations then…


$25 Amazon or Visa gift card per session

About Our founder

Hi, I'm Monique

I'm a Detroit native and graduate from the University of Michigan and Saint Louis University School of Law. I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my witty husband and our two daughters.

While in law school, I became fascinated with Feminine Influence™, formerly Feminine Allure. As a young woman, I went through the typical struggles of dating good men, and not so good men. Over time, my interest developed into a passion, until I realized it was my divine assignment.

After thoroughly refining the component parts of Feminine Influence™, I began teaching what I’d learned to women in my online community. Their results were so positive that I intensified the work. 

My 6-step signature process not only helped women blossom into their full feminine potential, it also empowered them to find the men they’d dreamed of meeting, but secretly feared they never would.

Today, I'm a femininity educator committed to providing Christian women, especially Black women, with the insights and skills needed to create life-long loving relationship. My spiritual, faith-focused approach couples tough love with good vibes.  By strengthening and arming their spirits, I'm enabling women to leave their pasts in the past, and open their hearts to love.

role-play participant rules

Sign a confidentiality agreement (regarding the course content and the identities of participants)
Use of only first name during the session
No direct personal contact (on or offline) with any woman in the cohort, for the duration of the program
Attend a mandatory onboarding phone call (no longer than 30 minutes) prior to session

next steps

After you apply, Monique or someone from her team will reach out to you to schedule your Chemistry Call. On that call, you'll discover more about the program, clarify dates for participation, get your questions answered, and determine if this is a good fit.  

Who else do you know? 

Do you know an eligible bachelor who might be interested in participating in something as fun and unique as this? If so, share this information with them. You can share this link with him.

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